People & Wealth Intelligence Technology

Identifying Critical Propensities

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Aidentified enables the real-time monitoring, identifying, and harvesting of high-propensity wealth events and how they directly impact consumers in a predictive, prescriptive, and personalized way.

AI Delivers the Next Generation of Sales, Marketing and Retention Intelligence

Improve Your Game


Multi dimensional People Intelligence will improve your game. Our flexible solutions including Data Products and App based insights will add essential elements to improve prospecting, marketing, and messaging, powering up your sales efforts with a surer shot.

Enhance Your Value


With the ability to see each of your clients more clearly now and into the future, we give you tools to retain and satisfy your base. We aim to enhance the ability of your teams as well as your robo-advising efforts.

Save You Time


Our science will help you bend time and space, well not quite, but it will automatically provide you with powerful data sets on people and their connections, dramatically reducing noisy search efforts and giving you more time to focus on meeting client needs and growing your business.

Our Science

Wealth Score


Our dynamic wealth potential scores enable intuitive segmentation and understanding of where someone is in their financial growth. We help you to understand how things change over time and in real time. We will have a proprietary wealth potential score on over 50M people in the US. The score is calculated based on multiple variables and trends factors.



Signals are a critical part of our data platform, they are essential elements and triggers to be leveraged in their own right, and they are elements that may drive a Score. Money in Motion, real estate, raises, moves, acquisitions, purchases, marriage, birth, death, divorce; we are tracking, sorting, clustering and classifying thousands of signals, 24/7/365.



Circles help us to carve through data based on affinity. Affinity connectors can be based on thousands of ‘ice-breaker’ scenarios, creating clusters including: people, location, company, industry, interest, school, causes, favorites, music, food and thousands of powerful patterns. . .